Frequently Asked Questions

What is Deep Cleaning?

Deep Cleaning is the process of thorough cleaning upholstered furnitures such as mattresses, sofas, chairs, curtains, etc. using a highly efficient process with the use of specialized machines. The first step removes dust, dirt, dustmites, spores and dead skin cells through a high powered hydro vacuum. All of these go straight to the water, ensuring that it does not go back into the air and into your home. The next step sterilizes using a steam cleaning system that uses up to 170 degrees Celsius which eliminates bedbugs, bacteria, dried up sweat, oils, stains, and all other unvacumable dirt. These steps provide for a unique and specialized way of cleaning our favorite furnitures at home and at work.

What is Premium Cleaning?

Premium cleaning uses the same process as deep cleaning but with the addition of applying and lightly scrubbing shampoo on the upholstered furnitures. This makes for an even more thorough cleaning, which leaves your furniture and your home or office, smelling fresh and clean!

How long does cleaning take?

Deep cleaning 1 furniture will take about 1 hour, while premium cleaning will take about 2-3 hours depending on the size, including drying.

How soon will mattress dry if I have it premium cleaned?

We use industrial blowers to dry your furniture and we will leave it completely dry. We encourage a few more hours of air drying after this, and you will be able to use your furniture at the end of the day.

How do I book CLEAN X?

You may book through the booking forms on this website or through any of the contact details of the CLEAN X branch nearest you. Go to BRANCHES page.

What are your business hours?

We operate from Mondays - Saturdays at 8am - 5pm, but we can be flexible with our schedule for establishments and clients who prefer a different schedule, provided that arrangements are made earlier.

How much lead time do I need to book?

If you book 2-3 days ahead, you have more chances of booking the date and time of your choice, so it is always good to book early. However, if you have an urgent need for cleaning, feel free to contact us as we may still be able to accommodate you.

How much do you charge?

We have different rates per region. Kindly contact the CLEAN X branch nearest you and they will send you their list of services and rates.

How can you guarantee security against property loss and damage?

Our cleaners have been screened, trained and taught how to be prudent in handling our clients’ belongings. Although we have taken such measures, we seek the cooperation of our clients by ensuring that a member of the household should always be present to supervise them. This is part of our terms and conditions as stated in our service agreement. This helps minimize such incidents.